The long day

This morning I knew I was going to drive down Australias East Coast but didn't know just how far I'd get. Well I'm pleased (in a way) to say I'm sitting out the front of CPS AUS and it's 4.30 am. After 4yrs of trouble free operation my Canon 1DX has started developing the signs [...]


Late rhymes with Updateย 

YZ450FX  I was asked by Yamaha to get some images on the 2017 YZ450FX for use in adverts. The image above is one of many that my photography 2IC Gerry was able to capture. We arrived at the location and scoped out where we needed to be for a possible sunset shot on the bike. [...]

In-front of the camera

Not very often do I get the chance to be in-front of the lens but we needed to supply some imagery of the Australian model being ridden in Australian surroundings. So I grabbed my lensman (Gerry Brookes aka iKap4) and headed off to an area far enough away from society that we'd be able to [...]