I’m here… 40hrs later

Well I’ve arrived in London checked into my accommodation and had a couple of trips back and forth to Heathrow. 

The weather has been great and the locals are very help full with smiles on their faces. The underground isn’t as straight forward as I had anticipated but lugging all of the bags up and down stairs does take your navigation mind off things. No sleep today as we walked round the markets just across from our accommodation here at Spitalfields. They are pretty amazing and I’m pretty sure that most girls would spend up big here… 

It’s now nearly 12AM on Sunday evening the 26th August and I left Australia at 1.30pm on Saturday the 25th August. The time it took to go from door to door was around 40hrs due to a couple of extra things we had to get done. I had between 3-4hrs sleep on the plane (A380-800 Airbus) even though the seating was great it was hard to sleep. So it’s been around 50hrs of awake time for me and it’s really taking its toll now.

Tomorrow (Monday) we head out to the Paralympic village to check in and check out a few things. Team New Zealand has their welcoming ceremony tomorrow and we will be helping to cover it for them.

It’s off to bed now, put a few things on charge and see just how badly Jet Lag has sunken it’s teeth into me when I wake.


Sorry about the lack of pictures.. promise there’ll be some for the next blog..



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