First time out to Olympic Park

We headed out to Olympic Park yesterday (Monday) to see what train line / bus combo was the best way for us to make it to the Main Press Centre’s door.

First up, the whole system is very easy to follow with signage everywhere and people there to help you. The best way for us time wise was heading on the overland system to Stratford station then walk through the huge new Westfield building across to Stratford International Station where we catch a bus across to the MPC.

Once out at the Centre it was amazing to see just how big the building was and just how well planned the layout of the area was. We had to register and receive our media vests and photo bags. Tomorrow is the day to register with Canon so that I can grab some extra gear. We also went to the Camera Shop located in the building where I purchased an extra battery for the 1DX and a couple of AA’s for the flashes.

We then had some lunch before heading off to the welcoming ceremony for Team New Zealand. The welcoming ceremony was great to watch with lots of colour and celebration. The Australian team has their turn today and we’ll be there to cover it.

On our way back to the apartment we stopped by our now classified “local watering hole” Woodin’s Shades and had a cleansing Nicholson’s pale ale.

Today we head out register at Canon, shoot the welcoming ceremony and the start planning our first week of events.

The local watering hole 😉





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