The Welcoming Ceremony

We made our way out to Olympic Stadium yesterday to cover the welcoming ceremony for Team Australia. We arrived at the ceremony area and were met with lots of Australian media outlets all there to cover the ceremony. There’s a buzz around the Australian team with lots of people expecting some great results here.

On the way to the ceremony we stopped by the MPC and register with Canon along with 20 other photographers. At the same time Jeff had to register with Nikon and to my surprise there were no other photographers at the Nikon desk. They are either very efficient or have no one to support… 🙂 (joking)

Once the day was over we headed back and on the way we stopped at our watering hole for a quick ale and a bite to eat. Unfortunately there was a guy in there that just wanted to chew our ears off, he’d already downed 6 pints and was in the “you Aussies can’t play football” mode. He was eventually moved on by the French publican.

Today is the opening ceremony and it looks like it may rain? Cross your fingers!

Right now we’re off to cover the pre-event media  conference by the Australian Paralympic Committee…


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