Unboxed and ready to go..

Out of it’s wrapping and ready to go, well if only it was that simple. Most motorcycles are freighted from their manufacturing facilities directly to their retail stores in crates like the one you see in the picture below.


Once the cardboard is off, it’s time to remove the outer metal sections of the crate while also removing all of the loose components and boxes. As you can see the bike is basically ready to go it just needs the front wheel and handlebars fitted. Once they are done it’s down to fitting the controls, connecting the battery and making sure that all of the nuts, bolts and fluids are ready. Fuel is the next item on the list before a start and one the “go-liquid” has been placed in it’s belly it’s time to start it for real.


With it cranking over about three times before it started I thought that was pretty impressive considering the last person that pressed the ignition switch was a Japanese technician a few months back!

Next up it’s a photoshoot for Yamaha AUS while it’s still clean.


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