171k on the odo

Now after a few rides and a little soul searching for where all of my ride fitness has disappeared to? It was good to finally be able to lap consistently on my practice track. Although no where near my times from earlier this year on the 60th Anniversary edition WR450F my speed and fitness will improve with small adjustments to the bike to help make it familiar to ride.

My 2016 WR450F – 60th Anniversary Edition… in it’s modified state.

One thing I couldn’t find were the bikes mirrors and I was worried that in my haste to build the bike I had possibly thrown them out…oops. So while I was visiting a mate of mine (Geoff Ballard) I thought I’d grab a folding mirror just to stay legal while transporting to and from ride locations. He was all out of his “trademarked” mirrors so I grabbed an MCS version instead. Don’t worry I have since found the genuine mirrors.

The MCS Universal Fold Down Mirror should keep me legal..

While I was there I thought I’d get a set of “grip donuts” to help reduce the thumb blister that I have been fighting with for a while now. They are a pretty easy thing to add to your bike and will keep you riding for a while longer than normal if you suffer from the dreaded thumb blister.

Until next time, stay safe and ride as much as you can… it’s only normal that we do!

Thanks for reading.


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