The first ride

As always the first ride is met with a little nervous energy as you just never know what to expect. This time it could have been a fair bit less as I did have a 2016 WR450F so the “actual” bike wouldn’t really be that much different it was just down to how I chose to run it in.

Yamaha WR450F
The first ride is basically an engine run in session…

A fairly straight forward process for running it in (my way anyway) is to get the engine up to operating temperature and let it cool a couple of times with next to no load from the transmission. Then I ride it at moderate pace for around 10min varying the engine speed and transmission load this increases for around an hour.

Once this is complete it’s off back to base for an oil change. After draining the “factory” engine oil into a clean container it’s good practice to have a look for any foreign objects lurking in the base. Not that it happens very often but it’s still a good thing to be aware of.

I have found that Motul 5100 4t and it’s semi-synthetic blend works well in all types of riding. The clutches on my bike don’t wear out quickly or slip from getting too hot. Also there’s no weird noises at start up, something that can be attributed to the oil or maintenance schedule of some riders engines.

Filters are pretty important and if I don’t have any genuine Yamaha items it’s a Hiflo Filtro HF140!


That’s enough for this update but I have had to make some modes to the WR and will talk you through that in my next installment.

Thanks for reading


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