Off with the add-ons..

Recently I was asked to shoot the 2017 WR450F in it’s “competition look”or should I say “enduro trim”. This involves a lot of changes and modifications most notably the brake light and rear blinker structure. The replacement (smaller) LED brake light assembly is part of the “Enduro Kit” that came with my bike. It also comes with loads of other parts that I will mention in a future post.

During the removal
New sportier version to the left. You can see the mounting plate and stabiliser bracket – heavy..
Original version to the left

I also removed the front indicators and added a set of Cycra Alloy Stealth brush guards to add to the “enduro racer” look of the bike. They do look pretty good on the bike.img_6998

I have to admit that these really did fit on extremely easily and have helped my fingers since installing them. It’s not the “impact” protection that they are made for it’s more the twigs, branches and vines that grab your front brake lever or your clutch lever while arrowing along a lush piece of single track. I like the look of them and the colour is an exact match plus they’ve already helped…. I like them.


What does the finished bike look like I hear you ask? Well I have snuck an iPhone image onto here just for you to have a look. More images and video to come in the next few days…

Learn more about the 2017 Yamaha WR450FH



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