Quad Lock

What the Quad Lock mount looks like on the centre of the handlebar

Most times I ride I like to have some idea of how far I have gone or my lap times if I’m trying to improve my “on bike” fitness. During winter it’s ok you can use your backpack and stash your phone. During summer the heat plus the back. Pack makes it a sweat fest at best so I was keen to take my phone on the bike and to not use a back pack.

In comes the Quad Lock its predominantly an iPhone cover that attaches to a multitude of mounts via a “quarter” turn locking mechism. I mounted the base  on my bars in between the bar clamps ..


That’s what the iPhone case looks like from the bottom.

It certainly helps keep the phone in view and in good line of sight of the GPS satellites when you’re trying to make sure that they can see you under the trees.

I a future post I will let you know what iPhone App’s I have found successful when data logging my riding so that I can compare suspension settings and tyre types. No proof means exactly that.

Thanks for reading and ride safely.



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