WR into a van

If you’re like me you’ve got a van and load your moto into the back quite frequently. Well there are a few van and bike combos that get a little snug when meeting each other and my current combo is one of those.

I did a fair amount of research before buying my Hyundai iLoad Van and it always came up as the best “smaller” van to be used as a bike hauler. The problem that I have is with the WR and its hand guards hitting on the weather seal on the way in and pulling the seal off when getting the bike out. 

One easy solution is to use your MX start button as this will keep the forks compressed giving you more room when getting the bike in or out of the van. If you don’t ride an MX bike you can use a tie down like I have in this picture. It does the same job as the start button. A simple 1 – 1.5m cambuckle tie-down will do. Using one end tied around the disc caliper mount and the other end located around the lower triple clamp. Then using the front brake to stop the bike from moving pull the strap tightly keeping the suspension around 1/2 compressed. This will help you get the bike in and out without fouling on the door seal. 

One final thing to watch: the front brake cable can turn on your rear interior light so look out for that when rushing to get to the pits on Raceday! 

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