The long day

This morning I knew I was going to drive down Australias East Coast but didn't know just how far I'd get. Well I'm pleased (in a way) to say I'm sitting out the front of CPS AUS and it's 4.30 am.

After 4yrs of trouble free operation my Canon 1DX has started developing the signs of over maturity a bit like myself. That along with a few lenses that need a thorough service and a 400mm f2.8 that's got a couple of screws floating inside it will be placed on the service desk in a little over 3 hrs.. hopefully they have loan equipment as this week is crazy once again!

Hopefully I can sneak in a couple of hours shuteye as I'm going to need some recharge for tomorrow (today's) activities. Time to roll over in my mobile bed and stay warm..

Thanks for reading


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