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Yamaha Insider #25

Yamaha Racing releases a few editions of its popular Yamaha Insider magazine throughout each year covering every category where the blue brand is represented.  It's definitely worth checking it out if you haven't seen it.  Thanks for reading 

171k on the odo

Now after a few rides and a little soul searching for where all of my ride fitness has disappeared to? It was good to finally be able to lap consistently on my practice track. Although no where near my times... Continue Reading →

The first ride

As always the first ride is met with a little nervous energy as you just never know what to expect. This time it could have been a fair bit less as I did have a 2016 WR450F so the "actual"... Continue Reading →

Just the two of us at the beach…

Yamaha Motor Australia asked for a few images of the bike for their files once I had the bike built and ready to ride. So I thought it'd be great to take it to a secluded area and fire of... Continue Reading →

Unboxed and ready to go..

Out of it's wrapping and ready to go, well if only it was that simple. Most motorcycles are freighted from their manufacturing facilities directly to their retail stores in crates like the one you see in the picture below. Once... Continue Reading →

It has arrived!

I spoke with Yamaha Motor Australia a while ago about taking delivery of a "long term" Off-Road motorcycle so that I would have something to train on for when I'm asked to take on photography work that involves more than... Continue Reading →

It’s time – 2yrs late

Just a quick update to say we're still alive and active. If you have a chance make sure you check out our Instagram feed -

Back to a couple of emails

Harrod’s – I hate the place!

I was kicked out because I had my camera bags with me. The security guard said "sorry, no bags allowed" basically get out of here and don't come back. This was after I walked around London trying to find the... Continue Reading →

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